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Manufacturing industries are competing to meet individual customers needs in global markets, while being bound to conform to ever-changing country-specific regulations. Mass production tends to take place in low-price countries while design and prototype production remains in the industrial countries. This new paradigm poses new challenges to engineers, marketing departments and shop-floor employees, requiring them to process and integrate an increasing amount of knowledge on a day-to-day basis.

ONTORULE supports different roles of knowledge workers called Personas in the processing of knowledge and business rules.

ONTORULE technology helps the involved knowledge workers at different stages of processing knowledge and business rules.

  • In the initial Acquisition step, ONTORULE technology helps to transform unstructured and implicitly known knowledge into structured knowledge models and formal rules.
  • In the Management step, ONTORULE technology enables the knowledge workers in managing the acquired knowledge and rules. In particular they are checked for consistency and soundness.
  • In the final Execution step, the formal and consistent rules are used to derive new facts or to trigger actions, thus providing decision support.
ONTORULE High Level Work Flow
Facts about ONTORULE High Level Work FlowRDF feed
Work Flow DescriptionThis is the high level and abstract view on the work flow defined by ONTORULE.
Work Flow ElementAcquisition  +, Management  +, and Execution  +
Work Flow NameONTORULE High Level Work Flow  +
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