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SO 4.4- Intelligent Information Management: Use the tag: #SO44

  • SO 4.1- SME initiative on Digital Content and Languages: Use the tag: #SO41


  • Workshop pan-European open data portal-report


On 3 November 2010 we invited experts with practical experience on publishing government open data to discuss the opportunities for and technical challenges of establishing a pan-European open data portal: What would be the benefits? How should it be established? What services could it and should it offer? We are now publishing a complete summary of this discussion in this report.


  • Public consultation - Open Government Data -Stakeholders Survey

  • The LOD2project was circulating a survey about open government datain December 2010 ( Results are published in 2011.


  • Public consultation - Your opinion on efficient handling of data overflow

Please find here the summary of your contributions in this questionnaire.



Technologies for Information Management


Logo TIM

Technologies for Information Management

The mission is to contribute to the Lisbon Strategy of making Europe the most competitive knowledge-based economy.

The primary objective of the Unit 'Technologies for Information Management' is to co-fund research and development projects on innovative ICT technologies dealing with:

  1. creation of intelligent digital objects and knowledge management,
  2. supporting knowledge exchange and
  3. 'semantic web'.

The focus is on issues and activities which deal with more effective and efficient management of extremely large scale data.

Objective 4.4: Intelligent Information Management (ICT Call 8)

This objective is part of Call FP7-ICT-2011-8 . The Call is closed. For detailed information about the Strategic Objective ICT-2011.4.4 – Intelligent Information Management, please see the dedicated page and find all documents of the Information- and Networking day (26/11/2011 in Luxembourg) at the Event page. The ICT Proposers' Day 2011 took place in Budapest, 19-20/05/2011 and was dedicated to FP7 ICT Calls 8 and 9. The networking session on Objective 4.4 – Intelligent Information Management took place on 19 May, 16h30 – 18h00.

Objective 4.1: SME initiative on Digital Content

The Call FP7-ICT-2011-SME-DCL is closed. For further information about the strategic objective ICT-2011.4.1 – SME initiative on Digital Content and Languages, see the dedicated page.

Updated FP7 ICT Work Programme 2011-2012

The updated FP7 ICT Work Programme 2011-2012has been published on 20/07/2011 - Our activities are focused on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), challenge 4: Technologies for Digital Content and Languages.


ICT 2010 is over! ICT 2012 awaits - Visit the results of the ICT Event 2010, 27-29/09/2010.

Summary of past, ongoing and future research paths as well as the policy background can be found here. (Key note of I-know 2010/I-Semantics 2010 Conference: European ICT research and development supporting the expansion of semantic technologies and shared knowledge management).

Contact us:

If you wish to receive further communication on the Call FP7-ICT–2011-8, Strategic Objective 4.4 -Intelligent Information Management, please indicate your interest by sending an e-mail with the name and address and the subject matter your organization is dealing with, a contact person and e-mail address to INFSO.E2 Webmaster, under the subject "Intelligent Information Management".

Disclaimer: Please note that the Unit 'Technologies for Information Management' (INFSO.E2) maintains this page as a working tool and an information channel. While our goal is to keep this information timely and accurate, we cannot guarantee either.

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