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ONTORULE (ONTOlogies meet business RULEs) is a large-scale integrating project (IP) partially funded by the European Union's 7th Framework Programme under the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Call 3 (ICT-231875). Leading vendors of knowledge-based systems and a handful of top research institutions have joined their efforts to develop technology that will empower business policies in the enterprise of the future. Two large companies provide the test-beds that ensure the success and business impact of the technology produced by ONTORULE.

Within ONTORULE an abstract platform has been developed describing the ideal way on how to implement applications using business knowledge in form of ontologies and business rules. The implemented components are implementations of the abstract components demonstrating the feasibility of the theoretical approach. The business scenarios demonstrate the application of some of the implemented components within a concrete business case. The theoretical work provides theories that have been only partial or not been implemented but are possible candidates for implementations of abstract components.

The ONTORULE showcase exists also as a DVD. Notice that the contribution of IBM to the showcase is available only on the DVD version. To receive your own copy of the DVD, please see contact information on the IBM page.


Manufacturing industries are competing to meet individual customers needs in global markets, while being bound to conform to ever-changing country-specific regulations. This new paradigm poses new challenges to engineers, marketing departments and shop-floor employees, requiring them to process and integrate an increasing amount of knowledge on a day-to-day basis. ONTORULE supports different roles of knowledge workers represented as personas at different stages by means of the ONTORULE platform, a system of components relying entirely on high-level modeling of knowledge and business rules.

The ONTORULE platform is a system of components. Each one of these components represents a task or piece of functionality that is involved in the construction, maintenance or operation of a business application. The platform is agnostic with respect to its implementation, as long as the functionalities and interfaces of the components are observed. The catalogue of ONTORULE components is depicted in the figure to the right as a matrix relating functionalities with components and personas. To each of these components corresponds at least one concrete implementation, realized and tested within the ONTORULE project.

This showcase wiki intends to give an overview on the implementations and on the business scenarios on which they have been tested, as well as to provide the necessary details for interested audience from industry and academia.

Here are some entry points for accessing information on the implementations within ONTORULE.

ONTORULE High Level View: Functionality Groups, Components and Personas.

For a concrete implementation, have a look at the AUDI Business Orchestration System and the ArcelorMittal Steel Industry Business Scenario.

Project Partners

The project partners within ONTORULE and a selection of their respective contributions. Notice that the contribution of IBM to the showcase is available only on the DVD version.

Component Implementations
AUDI AUDI Business Orchestration Scenario
ArcelorMittal España S.A. ArcelorMittal Steel Industry Business Scenario
Free University of Bozen-Bolzano FUB ORM2OWL Translator/Reasoner
Fundación CTIC Parrot
RIF Assembler
Ontoprise GmbH OntoStudio Graphical Rule Editor
OntoStudio Rule Search
OntoStudio Validation
Ontoprise OWLRL in ObjectLogic
PNA Training B.V.
Technische Universität Wien TUWIEN DReW
Université de Paris 13 Paris13 Terminae
Paris13 SemEx

ONTORULE High Level View: Partner Contributions.
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