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This page summarises some of the important theoretical work done within ONTORULE.

Component Description
FUB Combining Production Rules and Ontologies: Tight and Loose Coupling Combining Production Rules and Ontologies: 'Formula-based' and 'Possible Models' semantics for Loose Coupling approach. Integrated semantics and Production Rules systems axiomatization in fixpoint logic (FPL) for Tight Coupling approach.
FUB Embedding of propositional production systems into μ- calculus, and first-order production systems into fixpoint logic μ- calculus based embedding of propositional Production Rules systems
and fixpoint logic embedding of FO Production Rules systems. The component aims at enabling further investigation of the combinations with ontologies
as well as static analysis of the Production Rules systems.
FUB First-order deontic-alethic logic (FODAL) FODAL is a first-order deontic-alethic logic
FUB Generalized Ontology-based Production Systems A generalized ontology-based production systems (GOPSs) is defined
together with a powerful verification query language for production systems static analysis. Lite-GOPSs
a particular class of GOPSs based on the use of a light-weight ontology language (DL-Lite_A)
a light-weight ontology query language (EQL-Lite(UCQ))
and a tractable semantics for updates over Description Logic ontologies are also presented.
FUB Production systems and ontologies integration via Transaction Logic with Partially Defined Actions The component consists of: (i) a new semantics for production systems augmented with DL ontologies that includes looping-rules
and can handle inconsistency; (ii) a sound embedding of the combination of PS and rule-based ontologies into the TR-PAD transaction logic; and (iii) an extension of TR-PAD with default negation.
TUWIEN Paraconsistent Hybrid Theories a semantics for hybrid theories that allows to draw non-trivial conclusions in case of inconsistency
TUWIEN Stepping Approach for DL-Programs a framework is provided that allows for stepwise debugging of DL-Programs
TUWIEN f-hybrid Knowledge Bases f-hybrid knowledge bases are a tightly-coupled combination of logical rules and ontologies. The logical rule component is an FoLP program
while the ontology part is a SHOQ ontology.
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