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The management challenges activities that are related to owning and managing a business-specific knowledge resource performed by the business expert Gary and the business domain expert Alice.

Having acquired the business knowledge the challenge here is to bring the knowledge into a format that can be processed by computers. This includes browsing, navigating and editing of ontologies and rules but also the assurance of consistency maintenance, the validation, testing and debugging of such knowledge as well as maintenance and evolution of these sources.

Within ONTORULE several components have been developed and implemented aiming to fulfil these challenges. In this sense the components build the bridge between the business world and the IT-world. Knowledge from the acquisition phase is maintained and constantly evolves by adding newly acquired knowledge. Additionally the knowledge need to be validated and tested for providing complete and consistent knowledge that builds the application knowledge for the operational user Joana.

Associated Abstract Components

Component Description
Dynamic rule checking This component reports inconsistencies found in a combination of populated OWL2 ontologies and RIF rulesets.
Onto/rule set documentation This component projects an OWL2 and RIF combination to document-grounded; human-readable reports and makes use of the SKOS linguistic knowledge and the annotated documents.
Onto/rule set verbalization This component permits to associate; generate and parse linguistic expressions connected to elements of an OWL2 and RIF combination in alignment with the SKOS linguistic knowledge.
Ontology authoring This component permits to author ontologies compatible with OWL2 or SBVR.
Ontology instantiation This component populates a given OWL2 ontology by extracting facts from an existing source (e.g. SQL databases; XML documents; spread sheets).
Rule authoring This component permits to author rulesets compatible with RIF. These rules are grounded on OWL2 ontologies and can be derived from candidate rules.
Static ontology checking This component produces EARL reports about the inconsistencies found in an OWL2 ontology. This component exposes a DIG or OWL-API interface.
Static rule checking This component reports inconsistencies found in a RIF ruleset possibly with respect to an OWL2 ontology.
Unit testing This component automatically checks that a combination of OWL2 and RIF satisfies a given set of invariants and reports its findings in EARL.
Facts about ManagementRDF feed
Element DescriptionWithin the maintenance phase the knowledge coming from the acquisition phase is maintained and processed to be ready for execution.
Element NameManagement  +
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